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School Nurses


The school nurse acts as a liaison between home, school, healthcare providers and the health care community agencies to assist students and their families with health issues or concerns. The school nurse provides first aid for students and staff, health consultation for students, parents and staff, as well as state mandated health screenings and assessments.


Brenda Ramey, RN, BSN, LSN
Hoover High School

Marsha Henne, RN, BSN, LSN
North Canton Middle School

Isabella Cook, CMA
North Canton Intermediate School

Conchetta Cotto, CMA
North Canton Intermediate School

Kayliegh Esterle, MA
North Canton Primary School

Kaitlin Zalewski, CMA
North Canton Primary School

Tamrah Landes, RN, BSN
North Canton School Nurse

Donna Steele, LPN
St. Paul School