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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


North Canton City Schools Digital Academy
Frequently Asked Questions

 1.) What is the North Canton Digital Academy?

The NCDA is a non-profit online school that was founded in 2018 to give students an alternative educational option. This academy will help students fulfill graduation requirements, provide a non-traditional approach to education and promote students’ independence in academic performance and responsibility for personal learning. The NCDA is open to residents of the North Canton City School District and tuition students who meet the prerequisites set forth by the North Canton City Schools Board of Education.

2.) Who can benefit from the Digital Academy?

Students who do not thrive in a traditional setting as well as students whose graduation is in jeopardy will benefit.

3.) Is there a cost to enroll in the Digital Academy?


4.) Are there any fees or expenses involved with the Digital Academy?

Students will be charged a technology fee.

5.) What home resources are required to attend?

Internet accessibility is required. Students will have access at Hoover High School and the North Canton Public Library.

6.) What if students do not have their own computer?

The district will provide a Chromebook to each student. Each student in the Digital Academy will be charged the cost of Chromebook insurance.

7.) Are students required to log on every day?

Students must make adequate weekly progress.  This would be a minimum of twenty hours of course time per week.  In addition, students need to stay current on the due dates for each one of the courses in which they are enrolled. The digital director will monitor progress on a weekly basis. Students present in the Hoover lab must log in and work on their courses. Students participating on an athletic team must be online 3.5 consecutive hours the day of a contest.

8.) How will students communicate with their teacher?

Students will communicate with their teacher through online platforms, email, phone calls and/or face-to-face meetings.

9.) Can students with disabilities or special needs enroll in the Digital Academy?

Yes. Students who receive special services, based on a 504 Plan or IEP, will be provided a case manager, who will accommodate the program to meet the specific needs of the student.

10.) How do you determine how much support a child needs, and how will my child’s needs be met?

The coursework is designed to determine a student’s needs in various classes. Some one-to-one tutoring will be available in the school’s e-lab.

11.) Will the school accommodate the accelerated learning needs of my Gifted/Talented child?

Yes. The coursework available through the digital academy meets the needs of all students.

12.) Will a student be able to graduate early?

Yes, but all guidelines set forth by NCCS must be met.

13.) Is the student required to take Ohio's state mandated tests?


14.) How many times a year, will the student need to report to a school-designated location?

Times may vary based upon course progress. The more a student makes adequate progress toward completion of coursework, the less time the student will need to be online.

15.) Will the student receive a diploma?

Yes, students who have met all the NCCS credit, financial, and state testing requirements will receive a Hoover High School diploma.

16.) If a student lacks computer skills, will the North Canton City Schools Digital Academy provide training?

Each student will go through a required orientation process yearly.

17.) Is the student required to use the North Canton Digital Academy provided equipment?

During school hours, students will be required to use school-issued devices.  Students are only required to use the digital academy equipment when they are at school. They can access the course from any device or computer when they are outside of Hoover High School.

18.) Will assistive technology be provided?

Any needs for assistive technology will be assessed and reasonable accommodations will be made as needed.

19.) Will students be able to meet NCAA Clearinghouse requirements? 

Yes. Students are reminded to contact their guidance counselor to assure they are meeting the NCAA Clearinghouse requirements.

20.) How will students get the social interaction they need?

As Hoover students, they will have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular school activities. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in co-curriculars, such as band, choir, art or a vocational program, and course scheduling will be determined on a case by case basis.

21.) Are students able to participate in sports within North Canton City Schools if they attend the digital academy?

Yes, but the student must meet all district and Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) requirements.