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Acceleration/Early Entrance

Acceleration/Early Entrance


Acceleration options include subject acceleration, whole-grade acceleration, and early Entrance.


Subject acceleration is defined as a student taking an above-grade level course in a particular subject, such as English, math, science, or social studies.  The student remains with his/her grade-level peers in all other subject areas.  An example of subject acceleration is a 6th-grade student enrolled in Math 7.


Whole grade acceleration is defined as a student being enrolled in a grade level above his/her age peers.  An example of whole-grade acceleration is a student ending 2nd grade in the 2021-2022 school year and enrolling in 4th grade in the 2022-2023 school year.   


Early Entrance to Kindergarten is defined as a student who does not turn 5 years old before August 1st enrolling and attending Kindergarten.  Early Entrance to Kindergarten is considered a form of whole-grade acceleration.


The district reviews all candidates for both subject acceleration and whole-grade acceleration.  Referrals for either type of acceleration may be made by contacting denise.cooley@northcantonschools.org.


The district follows the Iowa Acceleration Scale for whole-grade acceleration and early entrance to kindergarten.   The Iowa Acceleration Scale process includes testing to better understand the student’s ability, aptitude, achievement, and social-emotional development.  


Information on the Iowa Acceleration Scale can be found here.