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North Canton City Schools and the City of North Canton have been strong and supportive partners for more than 100 years. Together, they are the foundation for a community that has been home to successful local and international businesses, outstanding citizens and family values that make living and learning here easy and enriching.

The schools and the community are intertwined to the point where one might almost envision the Hoover High School Viking as the city’s mascot as well.

Hoover, of course, is not a happenstance name. By 1933 the Hoover Company had become the largest manufacturer of vacuum cleaners on Earth. William Hoover lent strong support to the North Canton community. He helped finance construction of the Vikings’ home, Memorial Stadium in 1946. By 1957, when North Canton City Schools decided to build a new school, the obvious name on dedication day was Hoover High School.

In addition to the academically and athletically successful North Canton City Schools, the city has been the wellspring for numerous other vibrant businesses, Walsh University and the fast-growing Akron-Canton Regional Airport. Our community also benefits from ready access to the great American marketplaces via Interstate 77.

Fine neighborhoods thrive in all corners of the city, and the North Canton City Schools system is built to serve them with buildings and services convenient to parents and students, and staffed with teachers who dedicate their work to sending out young people into the world with the absolute best possible preparation.

Through it all, over the span of time, a partnership between our schools and community was established, and it continues to flourish today.