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Title I Supplemental Services




Title I is a federally funded supplemental reading program to support disadvantaged learners.

What is the purpose of the Title I program?

The purpose is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach their full potential.

This purpose can be accomplished by:

1.    Administering a variety of high-quality assessments to identify which students will need additional instruction (including MAP, State Assessments, Classroom Tests, DIBELs, etc.)

2.    Instruction from high-quality curriculum and research-based strategies that align with the science of reading that have been proven to advance the skills of students who may be struggling readers

3.    Creating a system of communication between classroom teachers, support staff, and parents so that all groups are working toward the same goal….

…Giving North Canton students the support they need, exactly when they need it, to ensure that all students grow and accomplish gains in learning.

What will Title I funds Pay for?

Title funds can pay for instructional staff salaries and benefits, curriculum materials, professional development for staff, supplies needed for parent meetings, and programs for students.

What are the requirements of Title I? 

Title I requires school districts to do the following: 

            *Choose assessment criteria that will identify students that may need instructional support and document the following:  

            *Inform parents about the selection of their child for services

            *Contact with parents (including this fall meeting)

            *Report the students that are receiving assistance

What does Title services mean for YOUR child?

         *He/She will receive instruction in exactly the areas that require intervention (decoding, phonological awareness, letter naming, comprehension strategies, addition, place value, etc.).

         *Continuous monitoring of the progress your child is making so adjustments can be made if necessary

         *They may move in and out of Title I groups throughout the year depending on progress.

What will Title services look like?

Title 1 services may be offered in a variety of ways such as:

         *Classroom teacher works with the student in small groups or individually

         *Title I staff works with students in small groups or individually

         *Title I staff teachers may co-teach with a classroom teacher

         *Resources used during instruction might include using the Language Arts program, supplemental resources which could be a computer-based program, or research-based strategies

         *Intervention may happen inside the classroom or outside the classroom

         *Title I services will mostly occur during a “no new instruction time” 


 How are Title I services different from special education services?

*Title I students will not have a written IEP (Individual Education Plan) but may have a RIMP (Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan)

                    Title I Services                   vs.          Special Education (IEP)


Developmental (especially for Kindergarten)

Lifelong disability

Tested by teachers, given to all students

Tested by a psychologist, given to few

Changes throughout the year

Remains constant

Short term help

Long term help




Michelle Hostetler

Director of Instruction

Title I Coordinator 


(330) 497-5600 ext. 1251


North Canton Primary School


Julie Baxter, julie.baxter@northcantonschools.org

Sharon Brannon, sharon.brannon@northcantonschools.org

Heidi Nudo, heidi.nudo@northcantonschools.org

Krtisten Pauli, kristen.pauli@northcantonschools.org

Mandy Rorrer, mandy.rorrernorthcantonschools.org

Kim White, kim.white@northcantonschools.org

North Canton Intermediate School


Susan Eastman, susan.eastman@northcantonschools.org

Kayla Green, kayla.green@northcantonschools.org

Jessica Olesky,  jessica.olesky@northcantonschools.org

Emma Owen,  emma.owen@northcantonschools.org

Kate Dunn,  kate.dunn@northcantonschools.org

Caitlyn Chappell,  caitlyn.chappell@northcantonschools.org


North Canton Middle School


Emily Parlin, emily.parlin@northcantonschools.org