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Guidance Department


Primary & Intermediate Services

From the time they are introduced to school as pre-schoolers and kindergartners, our youngest students are in the constant process of developing their concept of self and assessing themselves as learners in relation to their peers. Our school counselors focus on supporting students during this time by helping them to develop positive attitudes about themselves, their peers and school. Specially trained to observe and recognize the emotional needs of students coming from diverse backgrounds, our school counselors assist in developing strong foundations based on on good decision-making and communication skills. It is our goal that our students leave our elementary and intermediate schools with a healthy perception of themselves, believing in their own abilities to be good learners and good people. If you have questions about the guidance programming at the K-5 level, contact Terri Simmons, the K-5 guidance chairperson by email (terri.simmons@northcantonschools.org) or by phone (330-497-5650 x1527). 

North Canton Primary Guidance
North Canton Intermediate Guidance

Middle School Services

Parents and students appreciate the strong support network provided by our North Canton Middle School Guidance Department. As students enter into a new phase of self-discovery, our counselors focus on fostering a safe and supportive environment for them to explore and learn about themselves throughout the defining years of middle school. We spend a significant amount of time helping students foster and build healthy relationships. Our students are assigned a school counselor in 6th grade who will stay with and support them all the way until they leave after the 8th grade. It is our goal that our students complete middle school with a strong sense of self and excitement about the ability to focus on their interests in the years ahead. If you have specific questions regarding middle school guidance programming, please reach out to the middle school guidance chairperson, Jami Brennan by email (jami.brennan@northcantonschools.org) or by phone (330-497-5635 x1317).

North Canton Middle School Guidance Department website

High School Services

At Hoover High School, our school counselors assist students with academic, personal, college, and career information and decisions. Our students have constant access to their counselors in individual, group and classroom settings. We continue the strong relationships we have developed with our parents and students over the years by regularly providing resources intended to help our students in their social, emotional and intellectual pursuits. It is our goal that our students conclude their academic careers at Hoover with the tools and direction they need to successfully take the next steps in their life.

For additional information on the services offered by our high school counselors, please contact the department chairperson Amy Myers by email (amy.myers@northcantonschools.org) or phone 330-497-5627 x1210.

Schoology users can access the high school's Schoology group page here:

This Schoology group is open for all students and parents, grades 9-12. Here you can find resources, scholarship information, and more.

You can also access this information on the Hoover High School Guidance Department website.

Local Resources for Families
Here you can find local resources that can provide assistance to our families and students!

North Canton City Schools - Community Referral Guide 
Stark County United Way
Stark MHAR 
The Student Loan Foundation of North Canton
The Canton Student Loan Foundation
Stark County Family Council 
Mentor Stark

North Canton Cares Pantry

This local resource has helped hundreds of families in need receive nutritious food. Click the above link for the website where you can find additional information. 

Stark Hunger Task Force

This countywide resource is available to all families in Stark County who fall within specific income requirements. To learn more about the requirements and pick up information, visit their website. 

Backpack “Food” Program for Students- 

This program is on-going throughout the school year and available in all buildings. The goal of the program is to send home a variety of ready-to-eat or easy-to-prepare, non-perishable foods with your child each weekend in a backpack they pick up from their school office on their way home from school. 

North Canton Backpack Program Flyer

Backpack Opt-In Letter 2020-2021 PDF

Free Breakfasts and Lunches at North Canton- All students are able to receive a free breakfast and lunch each day. This includes our students who are completing their coursework through Viking Online. Our Viking Online students can pre-order their meals by emailing Jill Lauter, our Food Service Director (jill.lauter@northcantonschools.org) can stop by Tuesdays at their building to pick up breakfasts/lunches for the week. Students can see the monthly menu online for all cafeterias.