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Audition Information for the 2020-2021 School Year

1. Auditions will be done electronically this year.

2. You will audition on the song "Light in the Hallway." The music will be put in this Middle Notes page only.

3. Music: I have attached a copy you can print out or you can pick up a hard copy from me. We would need to schedule the pick up, so contact me.

4.  You will pick the voice part you feel most comfortable with and practice it. Yes, the whole song. Practice with your part NOT the whole song.

5. When you are ready, you will submit a video of you singing the song WITH the whole song being played in the background. YOUR voice needs to be heard OVER the music. In otherwords, you should be the loudest. This video will be sent to me in a schoology message or through an e-mail no later than May 20th at 3:00 pm.

      a. Treat this like a live audition, look nice.

      b. Make sure you are standing when you sing so not just seeing your head.

      c. Listen to your recording before you send it. 


VERY IMPORTANT!!! Read the expectations with your parents! Make sure you all can abide by them. Attendance at rehearsals and events is essential as we are a team and we need everyone EVERY time.


Audition Forms in different formats

 Here are the two different formats. Copy one of them into a google doc. Fill it out and share it with me. If you want a hard copy, email me and I can tape one to the school #3 door.

Middle Notes Audition Form-pdf